Welcome to Gimball, a free site for students who can't afford tutors and are looking for free help in math -- and for advanced students to show their skills and help their community, and simply for everybody who enjoys math.

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We believe students of all social origins should be able to develop their math skills even if their parents can't afford to pay for tutoring. Reciprocally, we want to give all advanced students who help their community, even a virtual one, an opportunity to get credited -- we will work to have their schools consider outstanding contributions on Gimball as community service (often a High School graduation requirement) and even Colleges to recognize our most helpful participants for their mathematical, leadership and community service contributions.

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--Jonathan Collard de Beaufort
8th Grade, MS51, Brooklyn

BTW: 'Gimball' is usually written with one 'L', but the mistake appears more and more often, and the website address with a single 'L' was already taken :-)


If you're studying for the SHSAT, consider joining the SHSAT group for stuff specific to that test.

Peer Tutoring Works!

The Education Endowment Foundation ranks peer tutoring third most efficient among 10 education strategies considered in the study! (Source: The Economist, June 11, 2016)